Getting to Know Jesus – Jesus Cleanses the Temple – Lesson Five

getting-to-know-jesus - Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Jesus Cleanses the Temple

When Moses built the Tabernacle, God came down to reside in the Most Holy Place. You see, God has always wanted to be close to His people. So, His glory, what the Jews called His Shechinah a representation of His presence, was a light that shined between the two cherubs that were mounted on the lid to the Ark of the Covenant. When Solomon built David’s intended Temple in Jerusalem on the day of the dedication, the glory of God came to dwell in that Most Holy Place. His Shechinah was so bright that the dedication day ceremonies had to be temporarily halted. Today, in the Christian System, God is incredibly close to His people. He lives in us through His Spirit that he gives us. And you know what? Sometimes Jesus must cleanse the temple.

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