Introduction – Lesson Two

Introduction - Lesson Two
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Can we really bounce back and forth on the interpretations of the book of Revelation and grasp what God is trying to tell us? Did God lie when he had John write Revelation 1:3 — “Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it …” Is God playing some sort of game with us?

So now I’m confused. How about you?

Hello. I’m Ken Wright the minister of the Church of Christ in New Iberia, Louisiana. Welcome to In Light of the Word.

Are we REALLY supposed to believe those folks who jump all over place and play theological gymnastics in their approach to interpreting the book of Revelation?

If that’s the case, we will never receive the blessing God promised in verse 3 of chapter one, because we can never know anything for sure…

So how do we go about interpreting those fantastic images in the book of Revelation?

Now put yourself in the place of a first century person sitting in the audience of a church gathering and someone is reading Revelation 13. All of a sudden – He starts interpreting it for you with terms like Hitler, the Pope of Rome, The United Nations, Communist, The Federal Reserve Bank, and so on. Remember, you’ve never heard these words before – so to you – he’s speaking JIBBERISH!

Today we’re going to continue with our introductory study of the Book of the Revelation.

We’re goin to ask, “Can the imagery of the Book of Revelation ever mean something that the first century reader could not related to or understand?”

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