I Saw Heaven Open – Lesson Seven

I Saw Heaven Open - Lesson Seven
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I know you’ve heard about all the bailouts, stimulus packages, subsidizing loosing companies, and give-away programs being conducted by our federal government over the last few years, and it seems like the Feds have a solution for everything doesn’t it? NOT! 2000 years ago the Romans tried the same thing. They had a solution for every problem. But, in case you haven’t noticed, The Roman Empire no longer exists.

Hello. I’m Kenneth Wright, the minister of the Church    of Christ in New Iberia, Louisiana. Welcome to In Light of the Word.

Today, were going to look the  church in Pergamum. This city was the Washington D.C. of the Roman Empire. The politicians thought they could legislate solutions for every problem. However, every solution brought new problems.

This is the world situation in which we find church in the city of Pergamum. Some Christians were trying to balance their faith and service to Christ, while at the same time, compromising with the world. Bad idea.

So, go get your bible and study along with me as we learn about how Satan’s Throne can (and does) effect the Christians of Pergamum, and how it still happens today – In Light of the Word.

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