Confessions unto Salvation – Lesson Eleven

Confessions unto Salvation - Lesson Eleven
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Colon Brown in his Dictionary Of New Testament Theology says, “Homologous is a LEGAL WORD. It’s is used where a man agrees with the statement of another. And This AGREEING, expresses itself in a promise or commitment. It’s a LEGAL CONTRACT. So, “Homologous” is a confession and it is equivalent to a LEGAL — BINDING oath.

When applied to New Testament Christianity, confession means, To confess the Deity, The Lordship, The SOVEREIGNTY… of Christ.

It means to agree that …the historical Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the only begotten son of God who came as the Savior of the world. So, Confession is agreeing that we’ll commit ourselves to his Lordship… His sovereignty.

Now folks, if such a confession is crucial to our salvation… We need some Biblical basis for what we believe. Join us this Sunday as we continue our Series “Back to Basics” and study the subject of Confession – In light of the Word.

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