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In Light of the The Word is a Television Outreach Ministry of the New Iberia Church of Christ. This Evangelistic effort has successfully reached out to millions of people throughout the world. To help deepen your faith and understanding in God’s Holy Word, please, feel free to view any of these video sermons. You may discuss here and may God bless you in all your endevors.

God’s Call to Repentence – Lesson Ten

God's Call to Repentence - Lesson Ten
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Like the Children of Israel many look for someone else to blame for their own sins. In their search for self-justification the Israelites they came up with a really cute and logical proverb that went like this: “The fathers may eat the sour grapes but the children’s teeth will be set on edge.” This meant that whatever the fathers of each successive generation did may not affect them, but it would surely affect their children and grandchildren. This was Israel’s way of blaming… their forefathers and even God, for the sin that they committed and the judgments they had to face.

In using this proverb they absolved themselves from the penalty for their own sin and place it upon the head of their ancestors. It is amazing what people will do to continue in their sinful lifestyles isn’t it? The word “Repent” has seemingly lost its meaning in our modern society – however, God has made this forgotten command a prerequisite for salvation. Join us at the New Iberia Church of Christ this Sunday (2-16-2014 @ 10:00 AM) as we continue our Back to Basics series with the message: “God’s Call to Repentance.”

Confessions unto Salvation – Lesson Eleven

Confessions unto Salvation - Lesson Eleven
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Colon Brown in his Dictionary Of New Testament Theology says, “Homologous is a LEGAL WORD. It’s is used where a man agrees with the statement of another. And This AGREEING, expresses itself in a promise or commitment. It’s a LEGAL CONTRACT. So, “Homologous” is a confession and it is equivalent to a LEGAL — BINDING oath.

When applied to New Testament Christianity, confession means, To confess the Deity, The Lordship, The SOVEREIGNTY… of Christ.

It means to agree that …the historical Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the only begotten son of God who came as the Savior of the world. So, Confession is agreeing that we’ll commit ourselves to his Lordship… His sovereignty.

Now folks, if such a confession is crucial to our salvation… We need some Biblical basis for what we believe. Join us this Sunday as we continue our Series “Back to Basics” and study the subject of Confession – In light of the Word.

Born of Water and the Spirit – Lesson Twelve

Born of Water and the Spirit - Lesson Twelve
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Jesus told Nicodemus, ” Not only is it possible for you to live in my kingdom, Its available to everybody; But – You must be born again to possess it.

It’s interesting to note that the Greek word translated AGAIN in our English Bibles literally means FROM ABOVE. In fact, out of the thirteen times that the Greek word AN-O-THEN is used in the New Testament, only here in verse three and seven is it translated AGAIN by our King James translators. So Jesus is saying, “I tell you the truth,. Unless a man is born FROM ABOVE. he cannot enter the Kingdom    of God.”

In other words, Entrance into this new life is by a new birth… Being Born from above.

Come join us this Sunday as we explore this new birth.