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There is a myth that has been floating around for a few centuries that really needs to be addressed. Basically, this myth says that as long as someone believes something – deeply, sincerely and honestly, then that belief becomes their truth, and no one has the right to dispute this fact, or inform them otherwise. Let’s see what the Bible says.

Born of Water and the Spirit – Lesson Twelve

Born of Water and the Spirit - Lesson Twelve
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Jesus told Nicodemus, ” Not only is it possible for you to live in my kingdom, Its available to everybody; But – You must be born again to possess it.

It’s interesting to note that the Greek word translated AGAIN in our English Bibles literally means FROM ABOVE. In fact, out of the thirteen times that the Greek word AN-O-THEN is used in the New Testament, only here in verse three and seven is it translated AGAIN by our King James translators. So Jesus is saying, “I tell you the truth,. Unless a man is born FROM ABOVE. he cannot enter the Kingdom    of God.”

In other words, Entrance into this new life is by a new birth… Being Born from above.

Come join us this Sunday as we explore this new birth.